Meet "Team Academic Boot Camp!"

The excellent teachers pictured above are Mrs. Rizzo, Mrs. Gorr, and Mr. LaLonde. (clockwise left to right) They represent three-fourths of Nash's "Academic Boot Camp" instructional team (Mr. Klimisch not pictured). Team Academic Boot Camp is a first-year Next Generation/Personalized Learning team comprised of three general education teachers, one special education teacher, and approximately 77 fourth and fifth grade students. Together, these professional educators work collaboratively to create customized learning paths for their students challenging each within his/her proximal range of development. Through the use of Learner Profiles, their students are discovering what it means to apply auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning strategies. Children will create plans for the application of those learning modalities as they take ownership for their learning and work towards mastery of learning goals in areas such as Reading & Language Arts and Mathematics.

Creating a successful Next Generation/Personalized Learning environment for students cannot occur without educators who are highly professional, knowledgable, collaborative, and committed. Much like any other "team" in areas such as sports or business, to a large degree the success of each individual teacher is contingent upon the success of their teammates. They rely upon each other as they work towards maximizing the potential of their students. We salute Team Academic Boot Camp for all of their hard work and dedication, and we are anxious to witness and celebrate their students' success throughout the 2014-15 academic year!

Important dates

Wed. Oct. 1st
Next Gen Parent Meeting 5:30 Pizza; 6:00 Meeting
Fri. Oct 3rd
Nash Action Territory Night Out!
Tues. Oct. 7th
PTA Meeting 6:30 P.M. Library
Wed. Oct. 22nd
Parent / Teacher Conferences (Full Day of School)
Thurs. Oct. 23rd
Parent / Teacher Conferences (11:55 a.m Release)
Fri. Oct 24th
Parent / Teacher Conferences (No School)
Fri, Oct 31st
Staff Workday (No School)

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